Our Experts

Steven Steinfeld

Steven Steinfeld is one of the most successful career and job search coaches in the United States, and has already published 5 books of career training.

Stephen Markscheid

President of IFEA (International Finance Education Association)

James M. McClintick

the business advisor of Chongqing Investment Promotion Association, is an accomplished attorney

Ken LeBahn

Ken LeBahn is a top recruiter willing to share his knowledge with young people.

Anne Delaney

is an English-as-a-second-language and culture adaptation instructor and coach

Mr. Brandon Arnold

Mr. Brandon Arnold is an investment banker with Mizuho Securities. Mr. Arnold joined

Becky A. Thomas

A Co-Active Trained Coach that has a corporate background in branding, marketing and strategy.

Gary Qu

Gary Qu is the Co-founder of China Global Asset Allocation &Investment Institute or CGAA.

Tom Marnell

Tom is a professor of marketing, teaching graduate level classes.

Angela Zhao

Angela is president of Columba Industries Corporation assisting Chinese manufacturing companies in expanding their businesses in North America.