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FiSO offers a series of career training courses to assist international students in the U.S. improve their competitiveness in job markets. First we teach them how to fit into America by exploring and explaining the cultural differences between Chinese and Americans. We then build on that understanding to help them become more comfortable and effective in dealing with professors, colleagues, superiors, and friends. At last, we help them differentiate themselves and create a unique personal brand to succeed in their career lives.

We also offer:

StrengthsFinders training
Effective business writing
How to write reports that are clear and to the point
Understanding and working toward corporate goals
Email and voicemail etiquette
How to use story telling as a leadership tool
Creating and giving engaging presentations
Conflict resolution
Fitting into American business culture
Understanding how departments can work together to meet objectives
How to really understand what your superior wants
The value and practice of teamwork
Team building
Leadership skills for managers
Intercultural communications
Tailored assistance with on-boarding new employees
Additionally, we offer outplacement resources such as resume writing assistance, networking skills training, and job interview coaching.

Our team consists of successful business executives and professionals, cultural adaption experts, and English-as-a-second-language coaches.

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