Corporate Training
Customized Curriculum and Training

Improve Understanding and Productivity

Every business is unique, so are the employees. That is why we only offer on-site training. For each customer, we specialize training in accordance with the organization’s needs, and help the teams become more productive and innovative.

Our training Method:

Classroom Teaching Method: The traditional training method is both convenient to use and provides better control of the whole process for the instructor.

Audiovisual Technology Method: Training through the use of modern audiovisual technology (such as projectors, DVDs, video recorders, etc.).

Discussion Method: According to the complicated procedures of operation, we divide it into two types: General Group Discussion and Seminar.

Case Study Method: By providing relevant background information on the subject matter to the training participants, they can learn how to find suitable solutions.

Role-Playing Method: The trainee plays the role of the instructor in the training, and other trainees and the instructor provide evaluations afterwards.

Self-Study Method: Provide assignments for the trainees to learn and self-teach.

Business Visits Method: Visiting other business company or business model provides another kind of deep learning.