FiSO Group is committed to providing high-end professional training, cultural exchange and business consulting to Chinese and American educational, cultural and commercial institutions.

Headquartered in Chicago, FiSO is a preferred partner for Chinese educational and commercial institutions for short-term and long-term exchange programs. Through classroom training, on-site learning, business visits and practical training, FiSO assists Chinese institutions in producing excellent leaders with international vision and cross-cultural communication skills. FiSO also organises cultural and business events, such as the UN 2016 symposium on SD, China Daily“2016 Chinese enterprises in the United States” Yearbook release and 2017 the Fourth Annual “Omaha Dialogue”.

FiSO’s core value lies in its deep understanding of both Chinese and American cultures, thinking patterns, and Sino-US economic development. FiSO has a team of top-notch Chinese and American experts, government and business relations, rich applicable local experience, reliable information channels and strategic partners.

Meet the Founders

Joyce Zhang

Qin (Joyce) Zhang, the co-founder and president of FiSO Group LLC, has over 20 years of professional experience in finance, investment and business management.

Jing Zhao Cesarone

Jing Zhao Cesarone is co-founder and CEO of FiSO Group LLC. She is an accomplished business leader with over twenty years of professional experience.

Nick Farina Sr.

During his career in management and marketing, Nick held many positions that gave him the experience to help…


Max Ma

Max Ma is the Partner and Honorary Vice President of FiSO Group LLC. He has Dual MBA (Finance and Management) . He has over 10 years of professional experience in finance, education and management.

What We Do
Our Experts
Steven Steinfeld

Steven Steinfeld is one of the most successful career and job search coaches in the United States, and has already published 5 books of career training.

Stephen Markscheid

President of IFEA (International Finance Education Association)

James M. McClintick

the business advisor of Chongqing Investment Promotion Association, is an accomplished attorney

Ken LeBahn

Ken LeBahn is a top recruiter willing to share his knowledge with young people.

Anne Delaney

is an English-as-a-second-language and culture adaptation instructor and coach

Mr. Brandon Arnold

Mr. Brandon Arnold is an investment banker with Mizuho Securities. Mr. Arnold joined

Becky A. Thomas

A Co-Active Trained Coach that has a corporate background in branding, marketing and strategy.

Gary Qu

Gary Qu is the Co-founder of China Global Asset Allocation &Investment Institute or CGAA.

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